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PeaceArt International, Inc. is a not-for profit local/global outreach organization utilizing the arts and creativity to build community and foster greater human under- standing and world peace.  PeaceArt is dedicated to the multidimensionality of the creative human experience.

Through PeaceArt Projects, individuals and groups are collectively involved in the creative process to nurture self-worth, strengthen relationships and celebrate the diversity of life.

Thomas Warfield
Founder, PeaceArt


Upcoming Events

"Community Peace Celebration"
Creating peace through the focus of diversity, collaboration and economic justice.

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014 @ 4:00pm
Hochstein Performance Hall
50 North Plymouth Ave.

PeaceArt (PAI) uses the performing arts to dismantle barriers (e.g. racial, cultural, religious, gender, sexual orientation, economic, physical differences, etc.) imposed on us by society which prevent our acknowledgment and enjoyment of our inherent human connection to all people. PeaceArt community concerts "Circle of Peace" and creative process workshops investigate, explore and release our innate human ability to heal, using the arts as a tool. 

The arts are non-threatening fertile grounds for human development integrating our mental, physical and spiritual faculties. The arts, in numerous world-wide studies, have proven effective in reducing prejudice, cultivating a greater appreciation for diversity, restoring social responsibility, cultivating patience and compassion, advancing environmental stewardship, encouraging achievement and cooperation in a non-competitive atmosphere and many other values that strengthen and protect the fabric of life on his planet. 

PeaceArt International had it's beginnings in April 1990 in Salt Lake City, Utah as DanceArt, a performing arts company founded by PeaceArt Director, Thomas Warfield. DanceArt was dedicated to raising awareness about peace and the environment. Between April 1990 and December 1991, DanceArt produced 20 plus concerts. Working with Americares, World Vision, and numerous community organizations, DanceArt was nationally recognized for raising funds for Romanian orphans afflicted with AIDS. PAI has produced concerts dedicated to preventing domestic violence, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebrations, Earth Day events, and raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and homelessness. The company name was changed to PeaceArt International in 1992 when it moved to Rochester, New York. PeaceArt is a performing & producing company representing a wide range of artistic fields. 

PeaceArt works with both mainstream and marginalized community groups around the world (e.g., children, the elderly, people with mental & physical disabilities, the homeless, AIDS/HIV and other terminally ill patients, and incarcerated participants) as non-traditional performers in unique expressions of song, dance, drama, poetry, visual art, etc. for the purpose of building world peace. With people from diverse sectors of the community, the PeaceArt projects of conscious community building nurture caring, respectful and intimate relationships between individuals, groups and the environment. Through the creative process, we can learn to translate feelings and emotions into practical, communicative uses. PAI creates an environment that is free of guilt, blame, competition, and inhibition By stripping away pretense, we learn to look more deeply into each other's hearts, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable enough to move beyond roles to wholeness. PeaceArt presents opportunities for hands on involvement in the performing arts, opening up new vistas of awareness, leading to an enhanced appreciation for the arts and artists. PeaceArt brings people together to learn the art of being - being honest, being understanding, being at peace. PeaceArt conducts the PeaceWork Institute, a vehicle for empowering local communities to continue the PeaceArt process of re-embracing one another in love.